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Nourishing Your Body & Soul at Amara Resort

A Favorite Day Spa and Destination Spa Resort

Indulge in ultimate relaxation at Amara's Sedona Day Spa. Forget the outside world while we tend to your comfort in sumptuous surroundings and in total privacy.

Choose one of our spa services, take an invigorating steam shower, and relax in our sleek lounge area with a cup of organic tea. Our soothing treatments have made Amara a favorite destination spa resort, where guests can relax their bodies and their minds as they stretch against the panoramic Sedona horizon with daily yoga sessions. Some spa treatments can also be held in our serene Couples Suite.

For the ultimate renewal experience, let us help you create a Sedona spa package that is custom tailored to your needs. Browse through our treatments below or contact us today for a custom service.

Our Sedona Massages:

Available in 60 or 90-minute sessions, our Sedona day spa offers massage treatments that are customized for your individual needs.

Relaxation Massage 

A traditional Swedish massage designed to fully relax your mind, body, and spirit using techniques, such as long, flowing strokes connecting all parts of the body. 

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Deep Tissue Massage

Targets more chronic muscle tension by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue worked out by applying pressure, kneading, and stretching targeted areas of the body.

  • 60 min / $140

  • 90 min / $200


Meaning "finger pressure" in Japanese, Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy that stimulates the body's ability to heal itself similar to acupuncture without needles and follows the meridian energy lines of the body. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Table Thai Massage

This ancient healing art is performed on the comfort of a massage table and involves the therapist using their hands and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches, emphasizing muscle compression and joint mobilization. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

  • 90 min / $200

Sacred Stones Massage

Heated smooth basalt stones are placed on your body to connect you to your true nature. Various sized hot stones are used to more easily massage your tired, sore muscles. This service warms your body and spirit.

  • 60 min / $165

  • 90 min / $240

Healing Hands

An energy healing session that utilizes various subtle body techniques and tools depending on the therapist's expertise - such as Cranio Sacral, Reiki, Polarity, and/or Crystals to promote overall health and well-being.

  • 60 min / $120

Amara Custom Massage

An integrated service designed to fit your needs at the moment. Create your own combination of massage techniques from the menu, try a new massage technique, or focus on just your neck and shoulder area for your perfect treatment.

  • 30 min / $75

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Prenatal Massage

A specific massage for pregnant women intended to reduce swelling and discomfort - especially lower back pain. Relaxing and soothing for both mother and baby.

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Couples Massage

Enjoy the benefits of our Couples Treatment Room with any combination of our massage or body treatments available. A popular way to experience our Sedona spa together.

  • 60 min / individually priced per service

  • 90 min / individually priced per service


Based on Western physiological concepts, pressure is applied on the soles of the feet, hands, and ears to "reflex points" corresponding to other parts of the body to help reduce and reprogram the nervous system's response to stress. Complete with a foot scrub and moisturizer.

  • 30 min add-on / $60

  • 60 min / $120


Amara’s Soothing Facials

Facial Treatments, Enhancements, & More

Signature Rejuvenating Facial

Extremely effective, this treatment works to improve elasticity and firm mature skin, leaving your skin visibly radiant and rejuvenated. Your skin is cleansed and toned with the healing properties of Colloidal Silver, then double exfoliated with a combination of a Natural Fruit Acid and Vitamin C Exfoliator to provide that strength of a series of 5 glycolic peels, while still maintaining the integrity of the skin. A nourishing Antioxidant Vitamin Mask is applied followed by an Anti-Oxidant moisturizer and our Beyond Complex C Serum.

  • 90 min / $180

Supremo Velluto

A facial designed for all skin types using organic, active ingredients. This ritualized treatment focuses on a more nurturing touch without machines, for anyone wanting to experience the full pleasure of their senses. Your skin will feel velvety soft while looking younger, smoother, and more luminous.

These all-natural products are formulated according to rigorous guidelines with anti-aging benefits and clinically proven improved elasticity. Your facial is complete with a cup of green tea to prolong these benefits.

  • 60 min / $120

Amara Custom Facial

When you are undecided about which type of facial to choose, an experienced Aesthetician will evaluate your skin type, and together, you will determine the best treatment to suit your specific needs.

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Papaya Facial

Designed for the treatment of sluggish, congested skin types, this clarifying treatment deep cleans pores, calms redness, hydrates, and balances the skin. You'll see immediate improvement after a single treatment using our Papaya Bromelain Enzyme Concentrate and Clay Mask resulting in a revived more even complexion.

  • 60 min / $120

  • 90 min / $180

Aloe Vera Facial

Soothe and calm sensitive skin that has been overexposed to the elements. This gentle yet effective treatment will heal and hydrate your skin, utilizing the ultra powerful humectant Pure Hyaluronic Acid and healing Aloe Vera Gel, finishing with a balancing Green Tea Mask to reduce redness and improve the appearance of the skin.

  • 60 min / $120

Men's Facial

Escape everyday stress with this facial designed specifically for a man's skincare needs. To relax the senses and calm the mind, this treatment begins with a warm towel barber wrap, and includes an exfoliation and extractions to unclog your pores, followed by a face, neck, and shoulder massage.

  • 60 min / $120

Back Treatment

Cleansing and nourishing, this treatment for the back can precede your facial or stand alone in order to experience the full effects of totally natural products and the care of an Aesthetician in treating your skin. Includes extractions and a light application of a Healing and Restoring Cream Moisturizer.

  • 60 min / $120

Facial Enhancements

Allow an additional 15 minutes to include these enhancements to your customized facial:

  • Eye Treatment with Pycnogenol and Peptides - $25

  • Vitamin C Glow - $30

  • Marma Point Head and Scalp Massage - $30

Hair Removal

Our spa’s hair removal services include:

  • Brow - $25

  • Lip - $25

  • Chin - $25

  • Underarm - $35

  • Half Arm - $45

  • Bikini - $55

  • Half Leg - $55

  • Back - $75

  • Full Leg - $85


Amara's Signature Nail Services

Luxury Nail Care and More

The nail services by Amara’s Sedona Spa are designed for both women and men and use luxurious products by Priti NYC. Priti NYC products are non-toxic, organic, and vegan-formulated without formaldehydes, Dibutyl Phathalate (DBP), Toluene, and Camphor, and they are safe enough for expecting mothers. Over 40 different shades of colors are available for you at our Sedona day spa, where you'll find all these treatments to be truly one-of-a-kind.

Heavenly Mudra

Immerse yourself in pure decadence beginning with an anti-oxidant, rich raspberry, and green tea soak. Your hands will be painted with a mask containing Shea Butter and French Cocoa Clay to restore the natural softness and suppleness of your skin. A luxurious paraffin wrap is included followed by a massage using a shimmering cream that will illuminate the heart Chakra and bring you into a state of Zen.

  • Manicure - 60 min / $75

Soleful Traveler

This spa treatment was designed to revitalize your body and soles, beginning with a heated herbal neck wrap while your feet are steeped in a ginseng root powder milk bath in our pedicure whirlpool. It's followed by a mint scented mineral mud salt scrub that tingles as it reduces inflammation and nurtures your weary feet. A hot stones massage completes this ultimate pedicure.

  • Pedicure - 90 min / $95

Apothecary Nail Services:

Apothecary nail services include a combination of organic herbs and blooms hand-blended for your aromatic soaking pleasure. The exfoliation uses organic sugars, salts, and exotic clays, and the pure essential oil is mixed in a cream or oil base for the massage to complete each manicure or pedicure ritual. Choose a relaxing, energizing, detoxifying, or soothing blend to fulfill your desires. Finish with a polish selected from the Priti NYC organic nail line.

  • Relaxing - chamomile soak, lavender white clay mask, lemongrass moisturizer

  • Energizing - mandarin spice w/ clove tea soak, orange peel sugar scrub, sweet orange cream

  • Detoxifying - eucalyptus salt bath, desert sage & green clay mask, royal myrrh massage oil

  • Soothing - rosebud milk bath, calendula, & oatmeal scrub. Ayurvedic ojas essential oil cream

Manicure - 45 min / $55

Pedicure - 60 min / $80

Sacred Nature Services:

Peidi Della Terra

This Sacred Nature Organic Pedicure means “Feet of the Earth” in Italian and provides plenty of time to fully appreciate your essence. It begins with our welcoming ritual to ground your experience, including a double exfoliation with a replenishing gommage and nourishing protective mask. A 2-minute massage for the legs and feet will relax you, before your complete grooming and nail polish application. You’ll walk away with a sense of the sacredness down to your feet.

  • 90 min / $95

Mani Della Terra

The manicure means “Hands of Earth” in Italian and is formulated from the Sacred Nature Organic product-line. Recommended for overexposure or sensitive skin, it renews and protects against aging and environmental aggressions. This is a true Sedona spa service complete with a double exfoliation, hand massage, grooming, and nail polish application. Your hands will look and feel beautifully smooth.

  • 75 min / $85

Nail Service Add-Ons:

  • French Polish - 15 min / $15

  • Paraffin Dip - 15 min / $15

  • Polish Change - 30 min / $35


Luxurious Body Treatments

Mother of Pearl Nourishing Body Treatment

A luxurious treatment for the body that provides a gentle exfoliating scrub containing bentonite clay, multi fruit acids, and ground oyster shells to help remove dead skin cells allowing for more radiant, soft skin. It also includes a wrap after the application of a healing Green Tea and Aloe Vera Mask and Colloidal Silver with Lavender Floral Water Mist, finishing with a light massage using a Healing and Restoring Cream Moisturizer.

  • 90 min / $180

Desert Mineral Salt with Essential Oil Scrub

This mineral salt blend contains 92 different minerals that are beneficial to the skin, leaving the skin glowing, hydrated, and refreshed looking. Combined with sesame oil and an essential oil of your choice to enhance your sensory experience, this scrub is recommended for our high desert climate. Finishes with a light massage using a Healing and Restoring Cream Moisturizer.

  • 60 min / $120

Grape Seed Scrub with Chakra Balancing Wrap

The Grape Seed Scrub application is pH-balanced to minimize fine lines through the encouragement of cellular renewal. Ideal for all skin types, an herbal mask is then brushed on and you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket to infuse the skin deeper with the healing benefits of ginseng, green tea, and vitamin C, finishing with a light Chakra balancing massage using a Healing and Restoring Cream Moisturizer.

  • 90 min / $180

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

Experience a spiritual cleansing with the Native American use of sage. Allow your skin to breathe more fully with a dry exfoliation. The application of a detoxifying seaweed blends herbs and therapeutic minerals to increase blood circulation, initiate liposis of fat, and detoxify the skin. While wrapped in a Mylar blanket, enjoy a scalp massage and finish with a light massage using a Healing and Restoring Cream Moisturizer.

  • 60 min / $120

Splendida Farfalla

This Sacred Nature Organic ritual includes one continuous flow of movement intended to transform you into a beautiful butterfly, as the name implies. You will be nourished with the highest vibration of ingredients that provide anti-oxidant skin cellular DNA protection, extracted from the butterfly bush. The ritual begins with the rhythm with your breathing and includes a body scrub, warm Buriti and Jojoba oil full body massage, and light cocoon wrap while you receive a hair and scalp treatment. Together, it creates a feeling of your own sacred nature.

  • 90 min / $180


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